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Core Team & Partners

Animoca Brands are the leading backers of Legends of Elumia
Strategic Partners & Player Guilds - Animoca Brands, Spartan Group, Capital, Guildfi, Cryptology AG, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), Kyros Ventures, Spark Digital, Solar Eco Fund, Huobi, Gate Labs, Maven Capital, Forward Analytics, Momentum6, Metavest, MM Ventures, YGG SEA, Ancient8, Good Games Guild, Unix Gaming Guild, PathDao “We are excited to support the experienced team at Elumia, which is developing an MMORPG that aims for best-in-class game quality in the open metaverse. We look forward to seeing Elumia provide a fun and immersive playground that delivers true digital ownership and control of game assets to its players.” Yat Siu, executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands "We had the pleasure to visit the Elumia team’s studios and were absolutely stunned by the level of quality this group can deliver...” Arnav Rawal, Research Lead, GuildFi
"The Elumia team has years of experience in building immersive MMORPG games. We are excited to support them on this journey to create a unique experience for players of open world, engaging games with creative PvE and PvP elements" Spartan Group Core Team - The Elumia core team are experienced in making fun and successful games. We combine new ideas with existing proven game methodologies, to help shape the future of the MMORPG game genre. After millions of satisfied players, we are passionate to bring our expertise to the blockchain space. Richard – CEO 23 years of game industry development experience with roles as programmer, project leader and CEO, including multiple MMORPG projects. Simon - COO - Linkedin 16 years experience in executive management and operations within the tech sector. Specialising in marketing and business strategy. Advisory partner to gaming platform Treasure Hunt.
Alex (Kiz) – CCO - Linkedin Gameloft veteran with 15 years experience in the industry, including lead art roles on Dungeon Hunter, Asphalt and Modern Combat. Irene – Strategy Advisor - Linkedin Co Founder and CEO of W3GG, worked in gaming venture capital and esports since 2016. Setup up W3GG, a leading sub-guild of YGG. Jordan – Head of Production - Linkedin 13 years of experience in production and executive roles within the game industry. Projects released include March of Empires, World at Arms and Dungeon Hunter 5. Vadym – Technical Art Director - Linkedin 16 years experience in the games industry including pc and mobile games. Worked on Rainbow 6, Nova 3, and Asphalt. Project Team Size: 18+ Devs, Artists, Managers & Ops. Project Development Partners - Solrise Games, Privatus, Rivat Labs,