Core Team & Partners

Strategic Partners & Player Guilds - Animoca Brands, Spartan Group, Capital, Guildfi, Cryptology AG, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Kyros Ventures, Spark Digital, Solar Eco Fund, Maven Capital, Forward Analytics, Master Ventures. Momentum 6, Metavest, MM Ventures, YGG SEA, Ancient 8, Good Games Guild, Unix Gaming, PathDao We are excited to support the experienced team at Elumia, which is developing an MMORPG that aims for best-in-class game quality in the open metaverse. We look forward to seeing Elumia provide a fun and immersive playground that delivers true digital ownership and control of game assets to its players.” Yat Siu, executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands. “We had the pleasure to visit the Elumia team’s studios and were absolutely stunned by the level of quality this group can deliver, from building quality traditional games Elumia will help GameFi take a vital step that moves away from play TO earn and moves towards play AND earn.” Arnav Rawal, GuildFi The Elumia core team are highly skilled massively multiplayer online game developers working together both on site and remotely all over the world. ‍ Richard – CEO. Game industry veteran 21 years experience as a programmer, project leader and CEO. Projects include multiple MMORPG's and other game and online projects.
Alex (Kiz) – CCO. 15 years experience in the games industry including lead art roles on Dungeon Hunter, Asphalt and Modern Combat. Experienced in NFT production and distribution. Nutt – Lead Programmer. 16 years games industry experience, lead programmer on multiple PC, console and mobile projects including Warhammer and Final Fantasy. Vadym – Technical Art Director. 16 years experience in the games industry including PC and mobile games. Previous titles include Rainbow 6, Nova 3 and Asphalt.
Teem – Senior Blockchain Engineer. 5 years experience developing blockchain products. Developed for both permissioned and public blockchain networks. Alex – 8 years of Cyber Security experience at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, followed by Enterprise system, Cloud-based deployment, blockchain and database system roles. Josh - Marketing and Partnership Advisor. Managing Director of Andromeda Capital, procured a trusted network of industry heavyweights, influencers and developers to guide synergistic partnerships and collaborations. Mirza - Angel / Strategy Advisor. Mirza leads business development at Injective Labs, a major contributor to Injective Protocol. Injective Labs built one of the fastest growing exchanges of all time and is backed by leading investors such as Binance and Pantera. Mirza previously worked at renowned hedge fund Two Sigma and graduated from Harvard. Project Development Partners - Rivat, 4ire, Virtual Realms, Latitude Blockchain, Solrise Games, Privatus.