Legends of Elumia is a fast-paced multiplayer action MMORPG where players can team up to battle in exciting outdoor areas and dungeons to earn experience and levels, gain new loot, and obtain valuable resources. Players can also fight each other in duels and team battles.

Through gameplay, characters can level up and upgrade their characters and equipment, and gain rare items. In addition to a variety of challenging play areas, the game contains a vibrant city where players can interact, and create their own thriving virtual communities, incentivizing frequent activity and creating long lasting bonds.


Explore hostile worlds and dungeons. ‍ Team up to defeat powerful enemies. ‍ Create and join player guilds. ‍ Upgrade and power-up your characters.


Challenge other players to a test of skill

Climb the leaderboard with team battles

Pick the mode that best suits your skills

Elumia City

Make friends and socialize with other players

Shop for new equipment and items.

Trade in your old items and loot.

Upgrade and repair your equipment

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