In Legends of Elumia brave companions await! Shiba Guardian: Despite its reserved demeanor, the Shiba takes its role as protector seriously, willingly stepping in harm's way to shield its owner from danger. (Canine Protection: Your pet dog protects you absorbing damage from enemy attacks for a 30 second duration.)

Energetic Pitbull Sentry: With boundless energy and a playful spirit, the Pitbull is always ready for adventure. However, when faced with hostile foes, it fearlessly charges into battle to defend its owner. (Bite Attack: Your dog inflicts a large bite on the target enemy causing instant damage.)

Dignified Chaochao Sentinel: The Chao Chao exudes an air of dignity and affection, forming a strong bond with its owner. Yet, when confronted with threats, it displays unwavering determination, stubbornly guarding its beloved companion. (Ankle Bites: Your dog keeps nipping at the enemies ankles causing damage over time for 30 seconds.)

Gentle Great Dane Defender: Possessing a sleek coat and a calm disposition, the Great Dane is a picture of patience and tranquility. However, its gentle nature transforms into fierce protection when it senses any harm befalling its owner, ready to unleash its bite against adversaries. (Guard Dog: Your dog guards you from attacks, causing enemies to take damage whenever they hit you for 30 seconds)

Pet Status Effects

 Canine Energy: Energy regeneration is boosted by the energetic presence of your pet dog

 Canine Fortitude: Health regeneration is boosted by your pet dog's loyalty.

 Canine Awareness: Your experience gain is increased with the help of your pet dog's awareness.

 Canine Alertness: Your pet dog's alertness gives you an increased change of scoring a critical hit.

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