Archer Abilities

Kaionian Archers stand as living legends, their unmatched skill with the bow and arrow making them a formidable force on the battlefield. Renowned for their extraordinary marksmanship and unrivaled precision, these Archers are said to have a connection with the very essence of Elumia itself,drawing upon its natural energies to enhance their abilities.
Kaionian Archer Skills
Fire a Hailstone of arrows all landing directly on your targetted enemy.
Fire a spread of arrows causing damage over an area centered on your target.
Aeolian Scream
Fire a powerfull arrow that lodges into the target enemy, causing bleeding damage over a period of time.
Torrent Rush
Focus your mind, increasing your attack speed for a period of time.
Noxious Archery
Inbule your arrows with poison damage causing additional poison damage for a period of time.
Leecher Shot
Gain energy proportional to the damage you deal for a period of time.
Astral Falconry
Summon a fearsome Astral Falcon apparition, causing your enemy to flee the battle for a period of time.
Lunar Trap
Place a trap made from pure moonlight, causing damaging and slowed movement to nearby enemies when triggered.
Summon a friendly astral animal to distract your enemy helping you to fight for a period of time.