Battlemage Abilities

Battlemages are revered as powerful spellcasters who have honed their skills in both magical and martial combat. These formidable warriors possess a deep understanding of the arcane arts and can channel their magical energies to devastating effect on the battlefield.
Battlemages are a fearsome force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, combining the power of magic and martial prowess to devastating effect. Those who cross their path would be wise to tread carefully.
Battlemage Skills

Astral Impact

Summon an asteroid that wreaks havoc on impact, damaging the target and all surrounding enemies.
With a powerful burst of energy, push back all enemies in front of you and snare them, slowing their movements for a period of time.
Memorium’s Gift
Channel your healing power to instantly heal yourself and all friendly targets around you, restoring their vitality and helping them to fight on.
Cast a spell that gradually heals yourself or a single friendly target over a period of time.
Solar Sear
Invoke the magic of the sun onto a single enemy target, inflicting burning damage over time.
Cast a powerful incantation to unleash a barrage of attacks, inflicting multiple hits onto a single target.
Tandaia’s Reprieve
Focus your healing power to instantly heal yourself or to heal a single friendly target.
Time Hop
Teleport yourself forward and release a blast of energy, stunning all enemies around you.
Unforgiving Earth
Root your opponent from a distance for a period of time, trapping them in place unable to move.