Digital Collectibles

At the core of our game, we want players to have 100% ownership of their items and characters. A range of in game collectibles will be available for purchase and to trade in game. These come as a 2D avatar image, 3D viewer version, and fully animated in-game 3D asset.

Everyone owns the characters they play, which can be traded outside of the game ecosystem as players wish. Other collectible types could include weapons, pets, and many other types of items.

Elumia collectible can be used to empower characters. With full ownership, players will be able to use marketplaces to trade their assets both on our website and outside of it.

Currently the game requires a Genesis digital collectible to play, we recently held a free mint event where players were able to acquire free Genesis characters. Each character has unique traits and skills that level up as you play. In the future, we'll be releasing more character mints and introducing new ways to access the game as we grow the player population — this is just the beginning! So keep an eye out for upcoming announcements. In the meantime you can acquire characters from other players on secondary markets like Magic Eden .

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