Champion Abilities

Champions are formidable warriors who can withstand and absorb massive amounts of damage while protecting their allies. Champions are renowned for their strength, endurance, and resilience, making them indispensable members of any adventuring party.

They are often the first to charge into battle, drawing enemy attention away from their more vulnerable allies and absorbing blows with their powerful armor and defensive abilities.

Champion Skills

Collision Course

Dash through your opponent and leave a trail of destruction in your wake, damaging all the enemies in your path.

Shield Shock

With a mighty slam of your shield, unleash a shock wave dealing damage to the target and all enemies in the vicinity.

Kaion Fury

Let out a powerful battle cry that slows down the attack speed of all opponents around you, giving you the upper hand in battle.


With a thunderous charge, strike a single opponent with such force that it inflicts bleeding damage over time.


Execute a quick spinning move that stuns all enemies within close range, leaving them disoriented and vulnerable to your next attack.


With a burst of energy, you considerably increase your attack speed for a period of time, allowing you to unleash a flurry of devastating blows on your enemies.

Elu’s Kindling

Imbue your weapon with fiery power, causing enemies to receive burning damage over time on each hit and leaving them smoldering in your wake.

Deep Draught

Each blow you strike restores some of your health, granting you the ability to continue the fight for longer.


Stun your opponent with such force that they are left reeling and vulnerable for a period of time, giving you the opportunity to strike a decisive blow.

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