Elumia & The Infinite Tower

Elumia is a bustling city surrounding an ancient construct known as The Infinite Tower. The Tower existed long before human memory, with the city of Elumia gradually rising around it after the portal opened, feeding on its mysterious energies which are harnessed to a small degree of their total power through a mix of the technological and the arcane. Those who enter the portal don’t always return, and those that do are treated warily as they all tell different stories of what lies inside.

The city is the main social hub for players where they can interact with other players socially or through trade, fight each other for bragging rights and rewards, shop for equipment to prepare for their next journey into The Tower and pick up new quests or tasks from interested parties. The portals of the Infinite Tower are where players enter to complete PvE content and progress through the game. The massive portal transports players and groups to new and exciting open areas and dungeons, each with their own creatures and enemies to defeat.

Players can choose to mint items found within the game and bring them out of the Infinite Tower into the real world. In future we plan to expand the city with buildings such as houses, shops, blacksmiths, food and potion vendors amongst others.

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